Space Souvenirs II
Berlin, 2006

With this installation the visitor is offered an imaginary voyage through time and the universe. The visitor can imagine being in a time machine or looking through the porthole of a spaceship.

Part I
The video is combining different planetary images from several scientific expeditions into space which are edited in the style of a documentary travel film. The visitor can imagine the view from a time machine or through the porthole of the idea, this could be a view outside the round window of a spaceship is being created. There is a juxtaposition of time levels, the view into space is at the same time a view into the past and the creation of the universe.

Part II
Following extensive research and interviews with the scientific experts from the Institute for Planetary Research in Berlin planetary scents were created - imaginary samples from a 19th century expedition into space. The scents are based mainly on the chemical or physical constitution of the atmosphere of the planets and their respective climatic conditions, but also on my own imaginary travels.

The dry, hot volcanic desert smell of Mars is for example being contrasted with the light, immaterial lightning and wind smell of Venus or the cold snow and ice smell of Saturn.

Space Souvenirs II