Space Souvenirs
Frankfurt, 2006

With this installation I would like to offer the percipient an imaginary travel into the universe. "Space Souvenirs" is representing a futuristic souvenir situation. The planetary scents which are filled in glass drop filters are being dosed periodically onto round filter paper, which the visitors carry into the world. As a further element to the presented perfumes, artistically processed satellite photos of the respective planets are shown in illuminated transparency boxes on the ceiling.

Based on the research and discussions with the experts from the Institute for Planetary Research in Berlin 5 different planetary scents were developed. The perfumes are based on the climatic conditions of the planets and their respective chemical or physical constitution. They are, however, free associations and memories of my own imaginary travels.

Realities, different levels of time and memory are shifting - the paper perfume souvenir transports the visitor not only in a mental way into different worlds and times - it also allows a real travel from the exhibition "Souvenirs - in the pocket of the visitors to the city of Frankfurt and beyond.

Space Souvenirs  
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