Kitchener Contemporary Art Forum, Canada 2004

Passage is a multi-sense (video/audio/olfactory) installation offering the visitor an insight into a thought/emotion process associated with a search for identity. The visitor enters a dark curved tunnel space, where he is confronted with smells, sounds and finally at the end of the tunnel, video sequences.

The video images are episodes derived from scenes of nature filmed in a Darmstadt park where several generations of Grand Dukes of the State of Hesse have their tombs. The video can be understood as an abstraction of four stages in search of identity (a journey or a rite of passage) beginning with a flashlight search in a darkened wood and finishing with a near-complete loss of orientation among scraping branches. In between, microscopic images, of plant cells representing a pulsating living organism are followed by an episode with brightly coloured, almost psychedelic images, accompanied by a loss of clarity and control. These can be interpreted as a journey "through the looking glass" of a human nerve cell.

There is an introspection in several senses - one in the real scientific view in search of the inner identity of the plant in its microcosm - but also in the introspection of the person who filmed and the introspection of the visitors who experience the cul-de sac walk and the loss of orientation in an exaggerated

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