Paris, 2002

The subject of "Out-SIGHT-In" is an artistic experiment into overcoming perceptual boundaries and expanding the limits of the senses.

During a six-month residency at Cité International des Arts in Paris in 2001, I began my olfactory field research with cartographic drawings noting the smells - forming a many-layered web of ways. Since smells cannot be recorded and reproduced as easily as visual or acoustic impressions, I began to develop innovative ways of presenting the results of my research.

The first result of this work was the project Out-SIGHT-In which was realized for the Palais de Tokyo in 2002. This project consisted of several parts (inside and outside) and was an interactive project between blind and seeing people.

The first part of Out-SIGHT-In took place in the streets and buildings in the neighbourhood of the Palais de Tokyo. A blind person led small groups of sighted people (wearing specially-designed eye-masks) through the neighbourhood and opened up for them a new (but in fact an archaic) world of sense impressions. Senses which have been neglected like hearing, touching and smelling were called into consciousness to discover a new perception of space. The blind woman verbalized her inner pictures - and transmitted a visual world through imagination.

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