Dresden/Frankfurt, 2000

This installation deals with the perception of places - viewed from differed perspectives. I am interested in showing different ways of looking - and especially different ways of perceiving. The place of the exhibition, for which the work was developed, is a round viewing tower of a castle. The view to the outside has been closed off - to allow another "inner" view.

The object in the middle of the room, which was inspired by historic instruments of orientation, is made of wood, copper and slowly turning mirrors. On the inside of this object is a projector transmitting the video onto the two mirrors. The projection is turning slowly clockwise (similar to the light of a lighthouse). The video , containing mostly very bright postcard images which are stacked - and often show highly idealized fragments of the real places, is turning. Traces of speed - abstract shapes of colours - and sometimes a hint of focus can be detected. This method shows not only the sense of time - when travelling - images which stay in our memories - others unfocussed in movement and under a mass of images. These postcard images are combined with images of satellites, which give us a distanced view of the world, as we ourselves never see. A view from above.

These almost surreal images - in a feeling of never-ending speed are contrasted with voices of blind

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