Dark Gravity
Kunsthalle Darmstadt, 2017

Only 5 % of the universe is visible to astronomers' instruments − the rest is dark matter and dark energy. The concept for this project was inspired by the invisible planet number 9 which has never been seen directly, but was detected through its gravitational influence on the orbits of its neighbouring planets.

Dark Gravity is an immersive installation which explores the theme of outside influence. Invisible, volatile molecules and subtle space concepts make the concept perceivable for the visitors.

The installation employs subtle changes in perception, by which the observer is influenced unconsciously in his path and his interaction with other human beings. A dark cave-like space has an oval opening on one side, like the observation window of a spaceship, through which a video of a moving celestial body can be seen. The observer gradually realizes that he is looking at an image of a human brain. This video is in fact an animated flight over and through the landscape of the artist's own brain, based on tomographic images taken by the Max Planck Institute for Brain Research in 2008. The video is accompanied by a sound composition by Dr. Johannes S. Sistermanns.

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