Tower of Resonance
Historic Water Tower Rodgau 2015 (Sound Art in Industrial Architecture commissioned by Frankfurt Rhein Main Kulturfonds)

With the installation "Tower of Resonance" the historic water tower is being transformed into a walk-in fluorescent instrument, which can be activated by visitors.

Already on climbing the tower, the visitor hears quiet tones, resonating from the former water container. On arrival, through touching the steel wires which are strung between the beams in the round space, he can intensify and influences the tones even further. In this way the visitor lets the architectonic instrument sound.

When walking on the stair through the actual water reservoir one can hear and sense the resonances of a sea wave, which is meditative rhythm is rushing and then pulling back again. These flowing sounds of water are interacting with the sound of the cars on the nearby expressway.

The inner part of the tower has three architectonic elements. Stairway, cistern and attic space. Every element is being activated acoustically in its own way. The metallic sound object in the entrance is causing the air column in the stairway to resonate. However it is also being transferred electronically into the attic space. The sounds of the waves in the cistern are using the existing, very strong echo in the space. The spun strings incorporate the beamwork and their vibrations are in dialogue with the drum-round attic space.

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