Neural Reflection. Transflexion. Net of Mirrors.
Forgetting the future - entropy in the reflective age
Torrance, US, 2015 - with Johannes S. Sistermanns

This video work is a reflection on perception itself, on imagination and consciousness. It questions how we perceive the world. Are images a product of the eye or the brain itself and how is imagination created and anchored in our consciousness - often coupled with strong emotions? Neural Reflection is inspired by cognitive processes (memory, perception, sensation) and the floating, pulsating images reveal the instability and fragility of our perception of time and space.

The work, which is based on tomographic images of my own brain, shows a surrealistic flight over the semi-transparent, reflective surface of my brain. The motion over the landscape of the brain is juxtaposed with images of nerve cells. It reveals internal as well as external features to enable new perspectives on perception. It also relates to the observer's own neural processes, since his or her own brain is reacting and changing at the very moment of watching the video animation. New synapses and connections are constantly being created from what is perceived on a conscious or unconscious level.

Our world view is partially a fictional and preconceived vision, which may also depend on where we were born or how we grew up. This must not necessarily be in agreement with the "reality" of another percipient. Perception is a subjective issue; there are many views of the world. This way of viewing perception makes

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