MIRROR MOVES / Consciousness of Knowledge and Memory
Kunstmuseum Ravensburg, Ravensburg 2015

Dance: Giuseppe und Michele de Filippis
Sound: Johannes S. Sistermanns

The video installation MIRROR MOVES focusses on the processes of perception in relation to space (a specific locality), the storage of information (or committing to memory) as well as the process of deletion/ forgetting.

The historical tower "Mehlsackturm" in Ravensburg was selected as a locality, which in the course of the video is correlated with the Ravensburg Art Museum. The focal point of the video work is a dance performance by the twin Italian dancers, Guiseppe and Michele de Filippis.

The dance movements, which are shown partly in slow motion, have been contrasted with images from raven colonies of the Max Planck Institute for Ornithology in Seewiesen and the Wild Raven Colony in Grönau, Austria. The result is a partially surreal treatment of familiar and unfamiliar patterns of movement.

The dancers explore with their senses the mediaeval observation tower and react to it with their gestures and partially synchronized movement. Herewith they not only perceive the architecture of the space, but also the memory of space, the collective memory and the history of the tower, which is representative for the city of Ravensburg.

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