(developed for Lichtenberg-Prize, shown at Havanna Biennale 2003 - and 2004 at Henie Onstad Kunstsenter, Oslo (with mirrors), 2005/6 Lightart from Artificial Light ZKM Karlsruhe and 2015 Curitiba Biennial, Brazil)

The walk-through installation "Identity Analysis" is an abstraction of the human DNA code consisting of four thousand test tubes filled with fluorescein solution. This installation, which presents the artist as a readable code, can be regarded as a metaphor of the architecture of human beings. The genetic structure of the artist was transformed into a transparent, fragile, walk-through sense space which incorporates visual, acoustic, haptic and dynamic elements.

Fluorescein, which is used both in science and in medical research, glows when irradiated with ultraviolet light, giving out a mysterious, almost unreal, green light. The actual genetic code of the artist is contained in the petri dishes on the floor - like the bar-codes used to identify and control goods.

On entering this spiral-shaped coded space, the visitors feel themselves transported into an alien environment of translucent laboratory-like elements. They can pass their hands over the suspended glass surfaces and if several visitors touch different areas simultaneously, the installation can be experienced acoustically as a spatial composition of vibrating, ringing glass sounds.

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Microclimates II
Microclimates II