Identity Cloud
Artists' Biennial, Haus der Kunst, Munich 2015

It is worth considering that clouds, although they are not living organisms in a traditional sense, do possess characteristics which we normally associate with life forms, such as their transient life-spans and their ability to move. Clouds are also composed largely of water, just like the human body (which contains 97% water at birth).

The photographic work "Identity Cloud" shows a dark cloud, which is captured in a petri dish and overlaid with the artist's own genetic code. The work investigates the proposition that clouds could be viewed as living organisms with their own identities.

Cloud and fog are generally associated with concealment and disguise of information, places and identities. The identity code of the artist, which is projected onto the cloud in this work, reverses that characteristic property in an almost voyeuristic manner. The cloud, as an artefact, develops contradictory, polarizing statements. It is simultaneously a carrier of identity and information and a mysterious, dark, molecular apparition. A paradoxical interaction also results from the oscillation between microscopic and macroscopic perspectives, as well as between the "human planet" on the one hand and the ephemeral, mysterious cloud presence on the other.

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