b05, Montabaur, 2012

The video "Brainscape" is conceived as an animated journey over the landscape of the artist's brain. The video is a dreamlike, unreal flight simulation over the surface and into the deep canyons of the brain which has been given a glacial, icy texture. The brain is not only a thinking organ; it is also a repository of information: pictures, sounds and smells as well as personal and maybe even collective memories. The genes that contain the blue print for the cerebral structure result from hundreds of millions of years of evolution. The glacier is also an immense store of information about the Earth's climate and other data reaching back thousands of years. The animation gives us the opportunity to experience the glaciers and the brain on a different scale. The transparency of the images - travelling though the amazing labyrinth of folds and canyons - make us also aware of the fragility of the brain as much as the fragility of the glacier - and the immense amount of information which has accumulated over a long time - and which is in danger of being lost for future generations.
This film, which is based on the computer tomographic data of my own brain, is a personal journey into the cartographic bodyscape of personal identity.
The video projection of "Brainscape" in the bunker evokes a relationship of the memory place and weapon storage "bunker complex", the human recollections and a glacier, as a storage for geological memory. The visitors are encouraged to reflect on the place, its history and the fragility of the human body and the earth climate. Layers of memories, experiences and impressions are created through this projection inside the former bunker.

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