Tower of Immersion
Darmstadt, 2012

This year's International Forest Art Project theme "Romantic and Reality" is interpreted in this installation using dream memories. Specific dreams with a reference to landscape have been selected from both the artist's own, and other dream archives, and are juxtaposed with hidden places in the real forest landscape.

Spoken dreams were retold through underwater loudspeakers at the Goethe-Pond, recorded with a hydrophone and replayed using reprocessed sound in the Ludwigshöhe-Tower. The visitor was able to to listen to fragments of dream memories and the sound of disintegrating crystals, while climbing the spiral staircase of the tower, and reconstruct them into images in his own mind. The tower is transformed into a sound landscape of related dreams, in which the visitor can immerse himself and combine with the products of his own imagination.

From a physiological point of view, the dream process is still full of mystery, but it does seem at least to play an important biological function in sorting new experiences and weaving them into memories. In sleep new connections (synapses) are created between the nerve cells and experiences from the short-term memories are transferred into long-term memory and put into relation with existing memories. This process is recreated in the Ludwigshöhe tower

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Tower of Immersion