Microclimates II
Seoul International Media Art Biennial, 2008
München, 2013

Microclimates is an interactive laboratory installation concerned with the interaction between man and climate. This further development of the dynamic multi-sense-installation "something in the air" which contrasted the local (Kunstverein Ulm) and the global climate (Echigo-Tsumari-Art-Triennial) is concentrating on the themes of climate and CO2-outputs and the warming of the immediate surroundings.

In the center of the installation is a round mirror table, on which 12 petri dishes are installed, which contain 12 backlit thermographic images of megacities of the different climatic zones of the earth. The chosen megacities are Buenos Aires, Cairo, Istanbul, Lagos, Manila, Mexico, Moscow, Mumbai, New York, Sao Paolo, Tokyo Shanghai.
Per video camera and beamer, the images of the actual sky are projected through an opening in the middle of the table onto the ceiling of the exhibition space. The passing clouds in the sky are mirrored on the polished stainless steel surface of the table.

The weather data (such as wind forces, wind direction, rain, temperature, humidity) of these Megacities are translated into program signals for digital light generators.

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Microclimates II