Sphere of Being
Tokyo, 2008

The installation "Sphere of Being" expresses the twin themes of communication and universality.

A stainless-steel sphere suspended from the ceiling carries the pattern of the human genetic code as perforations in its surface. This pattern is projected by a strong light onto the interior of the building and also onto the visitors passing through the space, creating a galaxy of projected particles of light.

The genetic code used to generate the pattern of perforations in the sphere is in fact a universal metaphor for the whole of humanity, as the vast majority of our genetic architecture is common to all human beings. The differences that give rise to personal identity are tiny in comparison. Our genes are also agents of communication, as they transmit genetic information from generation to generation.

The visitor enters a surreal universe, in which his individuality becomes part of the installation, reacting to and communicating with universal humanity. The medium of this communion is light.

The intensity of the light installation is controlled by sensors which react to the presence of bodies entering the space. The more people that enter the space, the brighter the illumination, and the genetic code is projected with greater contrast onto the moving

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Sphere of Being