Reflections on a Transitory Landscape
Düren, 2005

Circulating, kaleidoscopic video images are projected into the cupula of the museum. While the viewer is following their rhythmic tact of the images in their time-describing planetary orbits with his eyes, he can hear a sound composition of voices which describe fragments of the painting from memory.

The dissolving of the original image into fragments of images and words is creating a dialogue between the two levels of the installation - the real oil painting, the fragmented, turning and partly the layering of the video images with the spoken word image from memory. Following the dissection of the original is the the recreation in the mind of the viewer - a type of archaeology of memory or synthesis of memory.

"Transitory Landscape" is questioning vision, reflection and memory as well as the integration of the images into abstraction and finally language. The idea of a static picture is disintegrating. Inner and Outer reality are mirroring each other alternately and lively space is created in which the viewer is experiencing the limits of his own memory and at the same time new possibilities of perception can be detected.

Reflections on a Transitory Landscape
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