Identity Analysis
Havanna/Oslo, 2003/2004

The walk-through installation "Identity Analysis" is an abstraction of the human DNA code consisting of four thousand test tubes filled with fluorescein solution. This installation, which presents the artist as a readable code, can be regarded as a metaphor of the architecture of human beings. The genetic structure of the artist was transformed into a transparent, fragile, walk-through sense space which incorporates visual, acoustic, haptic and dynamic elements.

Fluorescein, which is used both in science and in medical research, glows when irradiated with ultraviolet light, giving out a mysterious green light. The actual genetic code is contained in the petri dishes on the floor - like the bar-codes used to identify and control goods.

In this installation I reveal myself, displaying my genetic structure, the most personal information of any individual and allows the visitors to enter the innermost sphere of my being.

This installation breaks with the traditional representation of the body, by allowing the visualisation of nanoworlds and the interchange of visible perceptible worlds. Identity Analysis is a transparent container of fluids defined by the intimate perspective of an electron microscope.

Identity Analysis  
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